Based on the traditional massage chairs, Bluetooth massage chairs allow users to control the function mode, speed, time and massage position through the Bluetooth app on the smartphone. It’s convenient, safe and easy to operate, thus meeting the needs of domestic and international Smart Home market.


Wi-linktech Communication Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has developed a dual-mode Bluetooth audio module for massage chairs and treadmills. 

By combining TI’s dual-mode Bluetooth chip with the customized dual-mode Bluetooth protocol stack owned by WLT, we provides Bluetooth intelligent reconstruction for massage chairs and treadmills.

Supporting all kinds of Bluetooth functions: BT/BLE data passthrough, Bluetooth audio and customized interfaces for different application features.

Verification from industry-leading customers: mass production has successfully been made for the industry-leading customers.

Technical support and customization: Bluetooth software’s functions and hardware backplanes can be customized.

Functions of WLT2564M dual-mode Bluetooth module:

√  Supporting Bluetooth BR / EDR / LE (BR / EDR mode and BLE mode can run at the same time without disturbing each other)

√  Supporting audio protocols like SPP, SPPLE, A2DP, HFP and so on and allowing connection with Android and iOS devices

√  Supporting transparent / protocol data transmission, providing AT + instruction set configuration
√  Supporting multi-channel analog / digital audio input and output
√  Onboard high-performance 2.4GHz ceramic antenna, with external antenna as an option

√  3.35 ~ 4.2V single power supply 

Some typical successful examples:

√  Comfort Science&Technology Group (OGAWA, COZZIA and other brands)

√  Shanghai Rongtai Health Technology Co. Ltd. And Johnson Health Technology Co. Ltd.
√  DODO and so on

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