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   WLT8761M is a dual-mode Bluetooth module developed by Wi-linktech(shanghai) communicaition technologies Co.,Ltd . It is based on RTL8761 BR/EDR/LE Bluetooth solution. The built-in Bluetooth dual-mode protocol stack and various application profiles can easily realize the interconnection of Bluetooth devices, data transmission, voice, music and other applications.
   WLT8761M module uses MVsilicon company's special audio processing ch
ip BM5064 as the main control chip, integrates RAM cortex-M3 core, Audio Codec, and a variety of rich peripherals.

Main Features

  • Support Bluetooth BR/EDR/LE
  • Support Bluetooth SPP, SPPLE, HFP, MAP, PXP, A2DP, ANP, HID, AVRCP...
  • Supporting transparent/protocol data transmission mode to provide AT+instruction set configuration,
    core ARM cortex-M3, main frequency up to 96MHz
  • Internal SRAM capacity 128KB
  • Support SPI Flash boot
  • Support SD card or USB upgrade program
  • Supporting UART communication interface, UART interface can be up to 3Mbps
  • Built-in 20-bit audio DAC and 16-bit audio ADC
  • Built-in Capless Headphone Power Amplifier
  • Built-in MIC bias and amplifier circuit
  • Support multiple analog audio input
  • On board high performance ceramic 2.4 GHz antenna, customers can also attach external antenna
  • Single power supply 3.35~5V
  • Stamp hole pin, easy and reliable welding
  • Ultra-small size: 18x25mm flexible software platform, providing customized services

Function Block Diagram