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This moudle is designed to connect electronic products and smart mobile devices quickly.It can be widely used in various electronic devices, such as industrial control,instrumentation,logistics tracking,health care,smart home,motion measurement,automotive electronics,leisure toys,etc.Users can use this module to integrate existing solution or products in the shortest development cycle,occupy the market at the fastest speed,and inject new technological strength into the development of enterprises.

Main Features

  • Provide module selection with metal shielding can
  • Built-in high performance 32-bit MCU,512KB Flash,64KB SRAM 
  • It supports BLE 5.0 with 2X data rate,4X long range(LR),8X advertising packet extension(AE),and BLE Mesh
  • Modules upports multi connection
  • Function:Standard software functions include BLE passthrough, AT command control, App parameter configuration, OTA upgrade
  • Provide Android/IOS APP reference source code
  • the stamp-bore for printer is easy for welding and reliable
  • Only need to connect 4 pins(VCC, GND, TX and RX) to complete data transmission and receiving function
  • On-board high performance PCB antenna and support external antenna
  • Supersmallpackage:11.2x16mm
  • Operatingtemperature:-40℃~+85℃
  • Certification:FCC/CE/SRRC/BQB 5.0 certificated

  Production and shipment

  • Dongguan/Hangzhou double factory production                                                                                  
  • More than 2Million of supply capacity per month
  • Stable supply lasting more than 5years
  • Quality supplier,selected brand materials
  • High quality supplier
  • Exquisite production&machine technoglogy
  • Rigorous production line
  • Safety standard shipping package Tape reel(vacuum packaging)MOQ:1200pcs





Wireless parameters

Bluetooth standard


Frequency range


Receiving Sensitivity


Transmission Power


Users can configure thrugh AT instructions

Effective transmission distance

 200m(Open area)

Antenna options

 External antenna:Pin antenna

 On-board antenna:PCB antenna

Hardware parameters

Data interface

 UART:1200bps -921600bps

Operation Voltage


Working current


Operation temperature

 -40℃- 85℃

Storage tempture




Software parameters

Equipment type

 Slave device

Security mechanism

 128-bit AES engine

Software upgrade

Support UART/OTA upgrade function

Working mode

Slave device mode

Software interface

 AT+Command Structure

Parameter configuration

Interface AT command,pass through AT command


FCC/CE/SRRC/BQB 5.0 Certificated

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