Application Fields

POS data transmission

Portable medical equipment

Mixed audio data applications

Wearable digital devices: watches, waist belts,       smart glasses and so on


WLT2564 SIP module is a low cost and low power module that fully supports Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode operation (BR / EDR / LE). We provide BT/BLE dual mode protocol stack as well, pre-integrated with most ARM Cortex Mx core MCU’s, and FreeRTOS/uCOS etc operation systems.The output power can support class1.5. The module provides UART interface / audio PCM interface, specifically designed for portable devices.

Main Features

  • Based on TI CC2564C low- power dual-mode Bluetooth transceiver chip;
  • Ultra-small package size:  7 * 7 * 1.6mm;
  • Customizable dual-mode Bluetooth protocol stack software, supporting most traditional  Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth profiles such as BLE(GATT), A2DP, SPP, HFP, AVRCP etc;
  • Customized protocol stack also support advanced features such as concurrent A2DP sink and source, concurrent and multiple Master role and Slave role etc.
  • Seamlessly connection with Android / iOS
  • Pre-integrated with TI / ST / Freescale and other multi-MCU platforms

Function Block Diagram: